Earth Explorer allows you to explore the geo-political layout of this beautiful planet and learn more about places around the globe.

Originally conceived in 2010 as a simple tool for the author to teach his son about the geography of the world it has grown in popularity and usefullness, and continues to grow as we actively develop and improve features and services.

EarthExplorer allows you to learn more about the geo-political layout of Earth. This site is for you if you:

  • Want to browse the Earth and see what's near what
  • Have a geographical assignment and not sure where to start
  • Just interested in the world in general

With Earth Explorer you can search or browse around the Earth. For each place you can see information like:

  • What other parts of the Earth a place belongs to
  • Locations that are neighbors to a place
  • Other places that are located inside a place
  • Detailed information with resource links about places
  • Country flags
  • Weather forecasts
  • Area ranking
  • Population ranking

And we continue to add more features!


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