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Al-Kourah District

Al-Kourah Department is one of the nine departments that make up Irbid Governorate, in Jordan. It is located in the midwestern section of the governorate, and is 25 km from Irbid. The department has an area of 210 km2 and includes 22 towns and villages with its administrative center at Der Abi Saeed ... more...

Der Abi Saeed

Der Abi Saeed (Arabic: دير ابي سعيد) is a city in Irbid Governorate in Jordan. It is named after a historic Christian chapel ('Der' in Arabic) in the place where the city is built. The city gained importance in the early 20th century after the formation of a self-governing body following the fall of ... more...

Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque (Irbid)

Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque is a mosque in Irbid, Jordan. It was built originally during the Ottoman period but was renovated and expanded in 1998 to an area of roughly 600 square metres. ... more...